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Workskil - Refresh Team

Newcastle Now in collaboration with Workskil Australia has established a supervised workforce known as the Refresh Team who is capable of delivering a clean and maintained city streetscape that meets the level and expectation of local businesses, residents and visitors.

Under the guidance of a qualified supervisor the team carries out work such as chewing gum and graffiti removal, light maintenance, garden makeovers, painting, façade restoration and painting street numbers for businesses.

The Refresh Team’s work is complimentary to the services carried out by Newcastle City Council such street cleaning, rubbish removal and park maintenance. Newcastle Now member businesses can request the services of the Refresh Team for light tasks or quick projects by phoning 4929 4644.

This collaboration allows job seekers under the Australian Government’s Work for the Dole program to gain valuable skills and experience needed in obtaining paid employment while giving back to the Newcastle community by improving the visual amenity of our city centre.


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