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Newcastle Now offers a suite of Member Services which are outlined below. To get involved all you need to is activate your membership


As an apolitical, non-profit organisation, Newcastle Now is well placed to advocate on behalf of our members regarding issues that affect the city centre. Our role is to listen to the issues and concerns of our members and, if appropriate, to act to amplify their voice, or directly advocate on their behalf by representing their interests to governments, local authorities or other organisations. If you are a member and have a concern or issue you’d like Newcastle Now to consider, there are a number of ways you can bring this to our attention. You can contact us via email or you can call our office on P 4929 4644. 

City Centre Improvement

Our city centre improvement projects incorporate cleanliness, crime prevention, safety, entertainment, beautification, placemaking and marketing promotions. You may be familiar with some of our more high profile examples such as the Community Garden and Headphone Project in Darby Street, and the colourful trail of Painted Pillar People in the Civic Precinct. Our membership coordinator works closely with members to develop and implement ideas. If you have an idea or would like to get involved please send an email


We run regular B2B (Business to Business) networking events with the aim of promoting member businesses and creating reciprocal support through referrals. Our B2B events operate in each Precinct and are hosted by a member business who has the opportunity to share their latest products, services or offerings. Events may include an expert speaker, an update on advocacy progress, city activities and hot topics for discussion.

Member Engagement

There are a number of ways you can choose to engage with Newcastle Now and we aim to offer a variety of options to suit your business needs. We have a Membership Coordinator that is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the city centre and is available to visit your business and walk you through the process of how best to utilise our services. Our Membership Coordinator is committed to seeking your feedback on business issues, providing guidance and advice, referring specialist experts and ensuring we understand the key challenges and opportunities facing your business.

You also have the opportunity to attend member forums where you can have your say about issues affecting your business and city improvements. You will also receive invitations to participate in business sentiment surveys that aim to measure topics such as consumer confidence. Other ways we engage with members include dedicated email communications, member newsletters, our annual report and our Annual General Meeting.

Economic Development & Partnerships

Newcastle Now engages with key partners to deliver projects to grow the city's economy.

Hunter Innovation Project

Right now we are working with the University of Newcastle, Newcastle City Council and Hunter Digit to deliver the $18 million Hunter Innovation Project which will turn Newcastle into a world leading centre for innovation. Think smart city infrastructure, an innovation hub and a digital precinct extending from Civic to the West End that will connect people to the world in real time. This project means individuals, organisations and businesses in the region will have access to the world’s best technology and this will enhance the appeal of Newcastle and the Hunter to businesses and entrepreneurs in the technology and digital-creative sectors. We will be the city that turns people’s ideas into services and products.

Nobbys Headland Site

Newcastle Now has managed public access and activation of the Nobbys Headland site for six years through a license agreement with the Ports Authority of NSW (PANSW) 2013 – present, and the NSW Department of Crown Lands, 2011 - 2013. Our vision for this much loved local icon includes facilitating public access and developing its potential to become a major tourist attraction with a restaurant, cafe, function centre and art gallery. We have been successful in securing a $500,000 NSW Government Grant to carry out the next phase of development.

To date, through a special partnership with the Port Authority, Jobfind, WorkSkil, the Department of Corrective Services and a team of dedicated Novocastrian businesses, we have restored the three cottages to their original condition allowing visitors to walk through them and enjoy their historical significance.

The Lighthouse site is currently open each Sunday from 10am to 4pm and is cared for by Newcastle Now City Ambassadors.

Sponsorship Program

We sponsor activities, ideas and events that bring people and trade opportunities to our precincts and work toward making the city centre clean, safe and well utilised. We have been a regular sponsor of Renew Newcastle since its inception, bringing arts-based business to vacant shop fronts and commercial spaces. We have also provided resources to DiGFest, the Newie Awards, the Real Film Festival, Newcastle Writers Festival, the Olive Tree Markets, Newcastle International Animation Festival and the Newcastle City Supermoto.

City Ambassador Program

Newcastle Now coordinates a City Ambassador program with a team of over 50 volunteers who are trained to provide a range of services for our members and visitors to the city.

  • Our Business Referral Ambassadors liaise with member businesses and attend B2Bs to meet members and learn about their business. 
  • Our Visitor Service Ambassadors provide roving tourism information services for visitors
  • Our City Monitor Ambassadors act as ears and eyes on the streets and report on cleanliness, safety and crime prevention
  • Our Promotional Ambassadors distribute relevant promotional material to member businesses and visitors 
  • Our Event Ambassadors work as information guides, ushers and set up crew at large-scale events happening in the city.  

City Centre Marketing

We promote Newcastle city centre through strategic marketing campaigns that integrate social media, email marketing, website content, digital advertising, bus billboard advertising, print media, and weekly radio what’s on segments. The Newcastle Now website showcases the city centre to the tourist market and works to attract people to open their business in the city. More than half of the website content is dedicated to exploring the city from where to shop, eat, drink and stay, through to a directory of professional services. It features an informative what’s on guide and offers visitor essentials such as maps, parking and travel information. The Newcastle Now website attracts an average of 20,000 visits per month and each member business has the opportunity to create a professional business listing on the site. 


Business Advisory Services

As a voting member of Newcastle Now, you are entitled to opt-in to the Hunter Business Chamber's entry level membership at no cost. The Chamber provides a comprehensive range of services including a Business Hotline where you can be connected to the right information, support and advice for all of your business related questions. This information covers Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Legal and Marketing advice. You will also receive a member discount on tickets to Hunter Business Chamber events. For more information email or phone the office.

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