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Newcastle Now offers a suite of member benefits which can be accessed once you activate your membership. These benefits are outlined below. 

Buying Pool

Our newest member benefit is The Buying Pool which harnesses the buying power of local businesses to attract significantly lower prices for your indirect costs. With the combined buying power of the Newcastle Now membership, The Buying Pool will be able to obtain savings of up to 40% for the indirect costs that every business faces including electricity and gas, telecommunications and office supplies.

As membership numbers and the buying power of the group grows, we will be negotiating contracts and together, we can improve your bottom line and save you some time along the way.

Member Advocacy

As an apolitical, non-profit organisation, Newcastle Now is well placed to advocate on behalf of our members regarding issues that affect the city centre. Our role is to listen to the issues and concerns of our members and, if appropriate, to act to amplify their voice, or directly advocate on their behalf by representing their interests to governments, local authorities or other organisations.

If you are a member and have a concern or issue you’d like Newcastle Now to consider, there are a number of ways you can bring this to our attention. You can contact us via email or you can call our office on P 4929 4644. 

Precinct Advisory Group Program

Precinct Advisory Group (PAG) meetings exist to ensure two-way communication between businesses and Newcastle Now. By attending meetings you can expect to:

  • Discuss issues and identify opportunities to improve business conditions within your precinct
  • Engage in placemaking projects
  • Identify opportunities for Newcastle Now to engage in larger scale business improvement initiatives
PAG meetings are held monthly, are coordinated by the Newcastle Now Member Services Officer and attended by a member of the Board.

Business to Business Support

There has always been a strong focus on business to consumer (B2C) based organisations in the city centre however there are many business to business (B2B) organisations which operate and it is our goal to promote these businesses to our members and to create reciprocal support. Our first step is to develop a comprehensive directory of business services on this website which can be accessed by visiting Professional Services. Here users will be able to use the filter options to filter down to the service they need. For example, if you are looking for Legal services located in Newcastle’s East End you simply select these filters to create your short list. Our second step is to include this information in new member welcome packs and our third step is to provide opportunities for our members to network and build strong B2B relationships.

View Professional Services.

Free City WiFi

Free WiFi has been widely reported to bring more people into businesses and improve customer loyalty. This is why, since 2013, Newcastle Now, in partnership with IDL has offered free WiFi across Newcastle city centre. As well as a convenience and service to the public, it also directly benefits our members.

The free WiFi offered by Newcastle Now is accessible via computer, laptop or mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and iPods. Each user is able to access two hours of service per day at more than 30 locations across four kilometres of Newcastle city centre.

Our WiFi hotspots include major city centre bus stops, train stations, the ferry terminal, Pacific Park, Newcastle Surf Lifesaving Club, Nobbys Lighthouse and various shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs. The hotspots are identifiable by large, distinctive ‘Free WiFi’ stickers, and a sticker indicates that a clear signal is available for a 50m radius in that area. The WiFi is intended for use outdoors as most restaurants and cafes offer this service inside.

FACT: Around 15,000 people log into the Newcastle Now free WiFi every month.

Sponsorship Program

Our sponsorship program invites anyone with a good idea that aligns with our aim of improving business conditions in the city centre to apply. Applicants are invited to supply details of their project with supporting documentation and request for financial or in-kind support.

The applications then go through a competitive process where they are compared to each other, and assessed as to how well they meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants are notified of the outcome of their submission, and successful applicants are then invited to negotiate the specific terms and then carry out the project.

Applications are not limited to members - anyone is eligible to apply. Sponsorships are assessed as to how well they meet the eligibility criteria, the likelihood of their success, the benefit to our members or to the overall vision of Newcastle city centre.

Previous sponsorship recipients include the Newcastle Writers Festival, Hit the Bricks Street Art Festival, Olive Tree Markets and the Hunt & Gather Markets.

City Ambassador Program

Newcastle Now’s long standing City Ambassador Program engages volunteers to provide a friendly and welcoming roving information service, for visitors and residents in the Newcastle city centre.
They offer:

  • Information and assistance to locals, visitors and tourists regarding activities, services and events. 
  • Directions to streets, shops, buildings, transport and public services. 
  • Information about cultural, community, social and recreational events in Newcastle.
Our aim is to now grow the program so that City Ambassadors can perform a variety of duties throughout the city including working as event marshals, conducting surveys and audits, and to be a recognisable presence for community safety. We will continue to educate our volunteer ambassadors so they can promote businesses effectively. 

Hunter Chamber Alliance

Did you know that if you are an active member of Newcastle Now, you automatically receive the benefits of being a Hunter Business Chamber member? The Chamber provides a comprehensive range of services including a Business Hotline where you can be connected to the right information, support and advice for all of your business related questions. This information covers Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Legal and Marketing advice. As an active member of Newcastle Now, you can also receive the discounted rate on Hunter Business Chamber events. To learn more about the Hunter Business Chamber visit their website.

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