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Newcastle City Bridal & Formal Guide

Newcastle Now in collaboration with over 95 business located in the city centre has published a new Bridal and Formal Guide illustrating where to find everything bridal or formal from A, accommodation to V, venues – and everything in between.

“When you plot these businesses on a map it really highlights that Newcastle is a one stop destination for your next wedding or formal occasion,” says Natasha Lumley, Newcastle Now Membership Coordinator.

“This project confirmed that people do not need to travel to Sydney to shop for their wedding. Newcastle city has a full range of services and products, with 12 bridal, formal & after 5 boutiques, 14 venues, 8 photographers, 6 jewellers, 6 travel agents and numerous salons for hair, make up & beauty services.”

Local traders receive a lot of businesses from regional NSW towns such as Tamworth and Armidale where residents are not interested in traveling to their capital city, preferring Newcastle as a more convenient option.

The Bridal & Formal Guide is available at all of the listed businesses and will be showcased at key Bridal Expos across the state.

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