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Darby Street Community Garden

At the corner of Bull Street and Darby Street there was a neglected little corner where a bus stop stands which the Darby Street Advisory Group identified as a prime spot for a placemaking effort. With a placemaking grant from Newcastle City Council and the collaborative efforts of many this little space was transformed into a vibrant community garden.

The site was opened in December 2013 with local residents and visitors continuing to maintain the space.  The garden is filled with edible fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants. It is hoped that the successful garden construction will provide a blueprint for more community gardens throughout the Darby Street and Cooks Hill village area adding value to the suburb and engaging the community.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the space and can leave a small donation in the donations box. You can connect with the Darby Street Community Garden via their Facebook page or by sending an email to

The Darby Street community garden is a partnership between Newcastle Now, Jobfind, the property owner, urban farmers and many volunteers. Visit the Facebook page

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