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Candlenut Corner

If you go to the corner of King and Morgan Streets you will find a quaint parklet known as Candlenut Corner. This parklet was once over grown with weeds, contained a couple of park benches marked with graffiti and was generally uncared for.

Local residents and businesses worked together to make this space a better place by planting screening plants, painting the park furniture, and installing additional seating and shade. A metal cyclone fence was replaced with a white picket fence and a landscaped retaining wall was built to create workable garden beds. The site was then visually linked through to Newcastle mall by a painted mural titled stairway to heaven.

This parklet was named Candlenut Corner because over 100 years ago Candlenut trees grew in the area. The candlenut was used for bush tucker and medicinal purposes, and to produce oil for lamps and candle making.

This project is the result of months of hard work and collaboration between Newcastle Now, the East End Advisory Group, Newcastle City Council and local residents. Local illustrator Liz Anelli worked with the project group to develop the concept design, illustrated here.

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