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08 December 2017

360 Reasons to be in Newcastle

360 Reasons to be in Newcastle is a new project with a big purpose - promoting the benefits of setting up, investing or moving to the Hunter region for businesses, investors and skilled workers. 

The campaign has been a collaborative effort by four key community organisations - Newcastle City Council, Newcastle Now, the Business Centre and Enigma. In addition, the NSW Government match funded the campaign as part of the Regional Development program.

“The original idea for the campaign was developed by Enigma and is driven by one simple, yet powerful truth – Newcastle is full of so many diverse and totally unexpected experiences which, if you didn’t know any better, you literally wouldn’t believe that they could even be,” said Edward Duc, Chairperson Newcastle Now. 

At the core of the campaign is the virtual reality film, shot in top secret at eight locations in and around Newcastle including the bogie hole, Bar Beach skate bowl, Civic Theatre and Stockton sand dunes.

The film was then put to the test in a public activation at Wynyard Park in Sydney, where random people were asked to pop on a VR headset and name the eight amazing locations shown in stunning 360 degrees. The twist being that they were all in one incredible place. Newcastle

These reactions will be turned into an online film which will be promoted on social media, targeting Sydney based skilled works, business owners and investors, as a way of encouraging them to consider Newcastle as a place to relocate if they’re seeking a more balanced lifestyle.

After watching the reaction film, people will be directed to an online hub containing ambassador videos promoting Newcastle as a world-class city full of business, employment and investment opportunities.

“In addition to the showcasing the full VR film, the reaction film and the ambassador videos, the online hub also links people through to an online prospectus where interested parties hooked by the campaign have access to all the information, contacts and direction they need to start making the move, investing or setting up their business in Newcastle," said Pierre Malou Chief Executive Officer The Business Centre. 

The four campaign ambassadors who participated in the project were also shot in stunning 360 at various locations around Newcastle
  • Gabe Robinson: Owner and Director the Hunter Institute of Fashion
  • Dr Sarah Pearson: Pro Vice-Chancellor Industry Engagement and Innovation
  • Chris Joannou: Owner, The Edwards, Former Silverchair bassist
  • Tony Singh: Entrepreneur / Founder of Mobito
The film was produced by local VR experts VRXP and is the first of its kind in Australia being shot on the best 360 stereo video camera in the world, the Z Cam V1Pro. This is the cutting edge of VR technology.

The CEO of Z Cam, Kinson Loo flew out from Hong Kong to be on set for the shoot. Kinson has been the GM of HTC mobile, Vice President of Sony Ericsson and in his current role leading the Z Cam company works directly with the world major Tech companies and VR film directors in Asia, Europe, Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

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