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18 July 2017

What local business owners need to know about the Supercars event

As part of Newcastle Now’s commitment to support local businesses owners throughout the ongoing disruption period in Newcastle city centre here is a short summary of what you should know and where to go for more information. In preparation for the Supercars event, an $8.8million civil works program will be rolled out in Newcastle's east end in 2017.

The civil works will be carried out in stages to minimise disruption to residents and businesses. Supercars Australia will issue regular public notices and communication direct to residents and businesses throughout the civil works program.

Civil works upgrades to existing infrastructure will include permanent upgrades such as road resurfacing, additional public parking, the construction of approximately 150m of new road, and upgrading the condition of existing utilities.

Civil works projects include:

  • Watt St road renewal
  • Wharf Rd footpath & tree removal
  • Zaara St road renewal
  • Wharf Rd resurfacing
  • Scott St resurfacing
  • Nobbys Rd road renewal
  • East end stormwater and utilities upgrades
  • Horseshoe Beach Rd/car park & Pasha Way road renewal
  • New east end paths & linkages
Preparation for the event will require the removal of current pedestrian crossings and speed humps. These will be replaced with temporary speed humps that will remain in position until such time as they need to be removed for the event. After the event concludes, speed humps and pedestrian crossings will be reinstated. All items to be removed will be replaced with a solution that is equal to or better than current function and appearance. 

View the build notices and other works notices.

Event Period

During the event period, 24-26 November 2017, road closures will be in place 7am-7pm.

Access to homes and businesses

Through all phases of construction and the operation of the event, local residents and businesses will be able to access their homes and places of work 24 hours a day.

Throughout the civil works phase, access will be available 24/7, although delays in travel may be experienced at certain periods (this information will be shared prior to any works).

During the event, all residents will be registered for accreditation to ensure access to their residence and/or business, whether by foot or vehicle.

There will be no vehicle access generally from 7am-7pm during the event period. Should residents need vehicle access during this time, they will be required to drive out of the event precinct by 7am and then will be able to bring the vehicle back into the precinct after 7pm.

All convenience stores (e.g. Foodworks), restaurants and bars within the event precinct will be able to trade as per usual and can restock nightly.

Accreditation is the term used for the wristbands and tickets issued to those who reside and/or conduct business within the Newcastle 500 event precinct in order for them to have unimpeded access to homes and businesses during the three days of the event.

All residents and businesses within the event precinct will be provided with accreditation which will allow unfettered movement throughout the event precinct at no cost during the event.

They may also leave or enter the precinct by foot or shuttle assistance, via the Newcastle Beach/Pacific Park tunnel, pedestrian paths and bridges.

Accreditation for homes and businesses

Applications for accreditation will be an online process. For those who require assistance or have no online access, help will be provided by Supercars Australia. Residents and local businesses will be required to complete an online application form and provide supporting documentation.

The event precinct refers to the area requiring accreditation. Certain sections within the precinct will be limited to local residents only.

Accreditation will be required from 12.01am on Friday 24 November to 9pm on Sunday 26 November 2017. During this time, the Newcastle 500 precinct will be secured and entry will be via accreditation or a valid event ticket only. Residents and local businesses will be required to carry accreditation at all times, to allow them to leave and re-enter the precinct.

There will be parking restrictions on the streets within the event precinct in the days leading up to the event and on the event days to allow for installation of temporary infrastructure and the safe movement of people attending the event, without risk of damage to vehicles.

These restrictions will be clearly communicated to residents and local businesses and alternative parking provided. Supercars Australia will liaise directly with individual businesses in the event area from mid-2017 to ensure access for their customers/clients is maintained.

Compensation and Insurance

As with any major event, the entity responsible for conducting the event must hold the relevant nominated insurance policies and level of insurance to comply with NSW Government regulations and requirements for all nominated and related event activities.

Supercars Australia must be compliant before the event can take place.

Compensation may be payable in circumstances including:
  • Acts or omissions that cause personal injury to a person or the death of a person
  • Acts or omissions that cause property damage.
Compensation will not be payable in circumstances including:
  • Where a claim for compensation is a claim for economic loss (including loss of business)
  • In respect of acts done or omitted to be done in good faith
Applies only in respect of anything done or omitted to be done in accordance with any authorisation given under the nominated legislation or the regulations.

Whilst there are no provisions for claim of economic loss, there will be no ‘forced shutdown’ of businesses. All convenience stores, restaurants and bars and other business operators within the event precinct will have the ability to trade as usual and restock nightly.

Supercars Australia will partner with local restaurants, artisans, accommodation and service providers to identify business and promotional opportunities relating to the Newcastle 500 event. To express your interest please email

The information above has been taken from the latest Supercars construction updates issued on the Newcastle City Council website and Supercars Australia website. As a local business improvement association, it is Newcastle Now's role to assist city centre businesses through the regular communication of project updates.

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