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07 December 2017

Mall car park free on weekends

To assist retailers and encourage visitation on weekends, Newcastle Now in partnership with Newcastle City Council has arranged to open the Mall Car Park for free on weekends during the month of December!

Located at 92 King Street, this parking station offers a total of 471 spaces and is now open Saturdays and Sundays from 7am to 4:30pm.

Newcastle Now encourages all city centre workers to park in a parking station to help free the premium on-street car parks for customers and clients. This is especially important during the busy Christmas trading period when additional events are such as the Olive Tree Markets are taking place.

In a 2014 parking study undertaken by Luxmore Parking, it was identified that there are over 1000 car parks available in the city at any one time and many of them were at off-street car parks. The study also identified that the majority of on-street car parks were being taken by workers making it harder for shoppers and visitors to access the premium on-street parks. 

For more information on parking in the city visit the When you're here webpage.

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