Newcastle Now is always seeking great ideas from innovative people and organisations who want to support our vision for the city. If you think you've got something great and you need funding or support to get your idea off the ground, our sponsorship program could be right for you.


Sponsorship requests may include any combination of the following: money, goods or services, or in-kind support. The value of sponsorship applications (including non-monetary components) will be considered for projects in the following bands:

  • Up to $1000
  • $1001 - $3000
  • $3001 - $5000 
  • $5000+ (requires board approval)


Each application for funding received will be assessed by the Newcastle Now using the following criteria:

  • What benefit(s) does the proposed project deliver to the identified target market and broader community?
  • Is the project’s primary focus consistent with the identified strategic areas of Newcastle Now?
  • Does the applicant have the knowledge, resources and capacity to deliver what is proposed?
  • Does the project seek to meet a real need within the community and is the project an appropriate response to that need?
  • Is the funding request realistic and well defined? Has a detailed budget been provided?
  • Is there evidence of effective project management, audit and performance monitoring?
  • Is the project likely to become self-sustaining after the Newcastle Now’s support ceases and/or deliver an enduring benefit beyond the funding period?


The following are not eligible for funding under Newcastle Now’s sponsorships program:     

  • Any request for funding which comprises a request for a donation
  • Support for fundraising activities
  • Purely commercial events or activities which benefit only the recipient
  • Small contributions to large appeals
  • Projects of a political or religious nature
  • Tobacco or alcohol related sponsorships
  • Contributions to work that would normally be considered the responsibility of local authorities or government departments
  • Requests for wages or salaries for new or existing positions and other recurrent costs such as rent and utilities
  • Organisations, groups or individuals which have not met their obligations and responsibilities under previous funding agreements.


Our next round of Applications will open in August 2017.  

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