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BYKKO promotes electric bike sharing as a smart city mobility solution 
BYKKO (formerly Interbike Australia), currently known for owning and operating Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter’s first automated bike hire facilities, operates the most advanced, state-of-the-art electric bike share technology ever seen in Australia. BYKKO offers innovative bike sharing solutions including urban bikes for commuters, light off-road bikes for tourists or cargo bikes for deliveries.

The electric bike share movement is a worldwide phenomenon that is just now starting to create waves in Australia. It offers an innovative and convenient approach to urban mobility with users able to take short trips using a fleet of bicycles operating within a network of automated docking stations.

With a newly opened branch in the Hunter region, BYKKO prides itself in being the first Australian electric bike-share provider. Modular in design, solar powered, utilising wireless communication and GPS tracking, the systems are designed to incorporate safety and anti-vandalism features. Coupled with centralised management software that allows intricate and intelligent control and management of the fleet, the opportunities for bike sharing systems with advanced technology is a must for the ‘smart cities’ of Australia.

If asked why they exclude cycling as a viable means of everyday transport, many people cite a familiar set of reasons. They are not physically fit enough to ride (especially when you introduce a hill or two) or they have to travel long distances. They may not feel comfortable riding in work clothes, especially on hot days or perhaps it’s simply feeling exhausted after their ride, leaving no energy for the tasks ahead.

Monica Zarafu, CEO and Founder, BYKKO Australia said;

“BYKKO Australia has introduced the latest in European technology in our bikes and docking stations giving the rider the best quality experience focused on safety, comfort and convenience. The systems incorporate a self-learning, predictive management platform for rebalancing, and smart docks with dual functionality of locking and charging the e-bike. The systems also include online reservations, user-friendly interfaces allowing unlocking a bike with a swipe of a smartphone and other features for prevention against theft and vandalism – increasing revenue and reducing operational costs."


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