Welcome to Newcastle City Centre

Newcastle made the Lonely Planet's Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2011. We were the first Australian city to make the list. Bound by a working Harbour and stunning beaches, Newcastle city centre is the hub of the Greater Newcastle Region. Each of the 5 precincts below offer something unique and special.

civic darby st east end honeysuckle west end city wide
civic darby st east end honeysuckle west end city wide
civic darby st east end honeysuckle west end city wide

Newcastle NOW activating things!

Newcastle NOW is a non-profit organisation tasked with driving the city centre forward on behalf of business. The work we do benefits the community as a whole. Indeed, we work with many community organisations in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes for the city.Newcastle NOW manages L!veSites and Nobbys Lighthouse Grounds. 
We also have a strong Precinct Program, with volunteers in five key areas - East End, Darby, West End, Civic and Honeysuckle - undertaking placemaking projects to enhance the public domain.
Advocacy is a key function of Newcastle NOW. We are working with the City of Newcastle to develop a long-term parking strategy for the city centre.
To find out more about Newcastle NOW, and how you could be involved, explore the buttons above.

A Working City

Major change is afoot in the Newcastle city centre. In 2012, the NSW Government announced the Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy, a 25 year plan to revitalise Newcastle, reinforce its role as a 21st century regional centre and provide a framework to create the jobs and homes needed by 2036.
Light rail is on its way in.
The sale of the Port is seeing a major injection of funds into the area.
The University of Newcastle is coming into the Civic Precinct with their NeW Space project.
The streetscape of Hunter Street is undergoing major change. Cranes dot the skyline. A new courthouse is being built. Business is thriving.